Rent Payment

"I am unable to afford rent"

Can I stop paying rent for the time being?

In many circumstances, the new federal stimulus enacted in April does not allow landlords to evict renters who are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 emergency, for four months. However, this only applies to buildings subsidized by the federal government or buildings with federally backed mortgages.
To find out if your building qualifies for the federal eviction moratorium, you can search this database by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.
Additionally, many states and cities have passed similar eviction restrictions. You can find the current eviction protections in your state through Eviction Lab.
To learn more about any tenant protections that have passed locally in your area, check out this map by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. This will help you know if officials have passed emergency tenant protections during the COVID-19 crisis, and where organized rent strikes are currently occurring or may be occurring.
If you find yourself unable to pay rent:
  • ​Hello Landlord or are free, automated tools that can help you write a letter that notifies your landlord (1) that you are struggling financially and (2) that the federal stimulus likely does not allow them to evict you. additionally sends the letter to your landlord on your behalf by email and by certified mail.
  • Find legal aid available in your area to help you stay in your home, through
  • You can also try to contact a tenant union or organization in your state to see if they can support.
With the eviction moratoriums coming to a close, please see our page for help: Please see our "Eviction" page, in particular the section titled "I am worried about rent moratorium or eviction protections ending."

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