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Legal Aid

What statement best describes your situation?

"I can't afford a lawyer"

  • Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal advice clinic from the American Bar Association. Post your legal question to your state's website, and you'll be emailed when your question receives a response.
  • Legal Services Corporation has a legal aid organization finder where you can enter your zip code and find legal aid near you.
  • You can also visit to look up information about your legal questions and find free legal forms.
Know your rights! If you are a youth in foster care, you have rights. These include rights related to your safety, family, health, personal choices, education, and more. This resource compiles information from Bills of Rights from states and youth advisory boards across the country.

Where can I learn about my rights?

NOLO, an online legal site, has written extensively about the impact of COVID-19 on a wide array of law from business and personal injury, through immigration and evictions. They also cover how to safely communicate with a lawyer during the stay-in orders.

"I'm undocumented and don't know where to look for help"

Can I access to emergency funds if I am or my family is immigrant or undocumented?

  • The Betancourt Macias Family Scholarship Foundation set up a emergency fund for undocumented families.
  • The Immigrant Families Fund is providing financial support to immigrant families who have been left out of the federal government's relief efforts. Immigrants may be eligible to receive a $500 grant to help cover whatever is most pressing in their lives.
  • has a frequently updated list of resources for undocumented immigrant communities that you can search based on your location, including for financial assistance, food, state or local benefits, and others.

Am I eligible to receive unemployment insurance if I'm undocumented?

This document explains how immigrant workers must satisfy same basic requirements as other workers to be eligible for unemployment insurance.

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